"Trusses" is above all a parti pris: not telling the story of the construction of the Amal Amjahid building located on the edge of the canal in Molenbeek, but the one of four of its trusses, four metal structures that support the project designed by the architects of Bogdan & Van Broek, who became then protagonists of the film. The result is a surprising 8-minute film journey that takes us by river from the German border to Brussels city center.
Réalisateur: Jonathan Ortegat
Producteurs : Bogdan & Van Broek Architects / Commune de Molenbeek Saint-Jean / In Advance
Image : Thomas Noceto / Jonathan Ortegat
Montage : Sébastien Calvez / Jonathan Ortegat
Montage son : Aurélien Lebourg
Musique : Loup Mormont - Étalonnage : Lucien Keller (Cobalt Films)
Festivals et Prix
International film and architecture festival - Prague (Czech Republic)
September 29, 2022
European Premiere
Official Selection

Afragola Film Festival - Naples (Italy)
November 22, 2022
Best Documentary Short

Milano Design Film Festival - Milano (Italy)
November 23, 2022
Official Selection

No Ar Drone Film Festival - Belo Horizonte (Brazil)
November 24, 2022
Best Documentary Short
Architecture Design Art Film Festival - Palm Springs (United States)
February 16, 2023
Official Selection
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